The dangers of coffee milk

There is a danger behind the coffee when it is added to the health of milk teeth, scientists believe that exposure to lactose can make the bacteria in the mouth to breed faster.

In addition there are benefits from drinking coffee, namely scangkir can improve the performance of the memory or brain improve concentration, but you also need to carefully in terms of consuming instant coffee plus milk.

Instant coffee contains sugar with a powerful sense that instead of reducing the major benefits and enjoyment of coffee.

Coffee plus or without milk often in drink by people when they are sleepy at the time busy work. But behind his delight, it turns Milky Coffee store danger to the health of your teeth.

So drink coffee without any mixture, ginger and cinnamon in addition because it is more beneficial for the health of your body.
The dangers of coffee milk

Scientists believe that coffee plus sugar can trigger the development of dental caries. This is caused by exposure to lactose or milk sugar that gives bacteria in the mouth of the ability to breed more quickly.

Lactose into liquid fuel that helps the metabolism of the bacteria in the mouth faster.

Routine drinking coffee milk can increase dental caries in five-seven years. Cause in the Streptococcal bacteria trigger. These bacteria convert the sugars and carbohydrates into acids. Acid eroding enamel and cause cavities.

Normally, a glass of coffee milk was spent in 15 minutes. However, when coffee milk drink with frequencies very often throughout the day, then the risk of tooth decay is getting high.

Scientists urged to drink plain water after spending a coffee milk. This is useful to restore the acid in the mouth becomes normal again.

In addition, diligently brushing at least twice a day, IE morning and before going to bed.


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