The dangers of coffee for women and menstruation

Dangers of drinking coffee at the time of menstruation for women turned out to be deadly enough to impact can harm health. The current trend of coffee became a habit that many done everyone including women. Drinking coffee in a cafe became one of the guidelines. Coffee is a beverage containing caffeine and can now be served in a variety of combinations of ingredients such as sugar, milk and cream. Coffee much favored because it felt and believed could withstand the drowsiness. Therefore drinking coffee is often regarded as one of the drinks could make the body feel more able to work.

But, adult women who experienced a menstrual period feel free to drink coffee when the period comes. There is some danger that is believed to impact is because drinking coffee when the menstruation. Here are some of the dangers that may be experienced by women who drank coffee while menstruating.

The Risk Of Breast Cancer
According to a study conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, ladies who like to drink coffee at the moment are menstruating more have the opportunity of developing cancer of the breast. This is because high caffeine content in coffee may cause estrogen levels are too high in the body. It is often characterized by the condition of the body that is uncomfortable and feeling unstable emotions. Besides carbonated beverages can also increase the risk.
The dangers of coffee for women and menstruation
The Risk Of Endometrial Cancer
Endometrial cancer can also threaten women who often drink coffee during their menstrual period. Caffeine is too much fit into the body can cause estrogen levels are too high in the body. As a result then the thickening layer of the uterine wall occurs. The egg that breaks down because it is not fertilized and already attached to the uterine wall can not be separated completely. Then the cells that have been damaged will continue to stick to and can become cancer cells in some time.

PMS symptoms are bad
All women who will be entering the stage of the menstrual period usually experiencing PMS or pre menstrual syndrome.
This condition causes a woman's body becomes uncomfortable with some of the symptoms such as headache, a faster heart rate, cramps, abdominal pain, lumbago, stomach bloating, diarrhea, unstable emotions, irritability and the body is very tired. Women who continue to drink coffee will have worse symptoms. Even the condition of the body become unstable.

High Blood Pressure
When the woman drinking coffee when menstruation then can also undergo the risk of high blood pressure. This is because the caffeine that goes into the body can disrupt the cycle of blood circulation in blood vessels. The dangers of Caffeine will also create weakened immune system while the detoxification process also runs very slow. So this effect will make a woman feel more anxious, irritable and uncomfortable mood.

Impaired Heart Rate
Women who continue to drink caffeine during menstruation can also experience a disruption faster heart rate. This condition is caused due to the caffeine that goes into the body can make some hormones such as cortisol, increased epinefrin and norepinephrine. This is a hormone that controls the sense of stress in the body and can increase the heart rate. Then this hormone will suppress the immune system which can make the body condition becomes worse.

Stomach Cramps
Severe pain in the lower part of the stomach is indeed very reasonable when menstruation. Cramping became the most unpleasant taste. But when the woman still drink coffee during menstruation may cause stomach pains due to cramps worse. This is because caffeine is a diuretic effect can cause increased urine production drastically. Even if you don't drink enough water then it can cause dehydration. Stomach cramps are also often cause diarrhea because caffeine increases intestinal bowel and make work became very sensitive.

The Risk Of Breast Fibrokistik Syndrome
Women who are experiencing menstruation usually have breasts that are more chewy and dense. This condition occurs even before getting into the period of menstruation. Breasts more dense because there are bumps that are formed on the breast which actually contains a liquid. This is not including the lump as cancerous and will usually be softened when menstruation is complete. But it turns out that the effects of caffeine can increase the amount of bumps that contain fluid and salt so the breast pain can get worse.

Very Short Menstrual
Women who drink coffee during menstruation can cause menstrual cycle becomes shorter. This condition is caused due to the caffeine can cause disorders of the blood vessels which can make the blood flow to the uterus to be not rah kea smoothly. Then this condition will make the blood volume during menstruation is reduced a lot.


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